What to expect

We are a church that seeks to see an outward change develop from an inward transformation of the heart.  We don’t have a set of rules as to how to present yourselves on Sundays, that’s why you’ll see some attend in t-shirts and shorts and others with their Sunday best. 


Our worship through singing trends towards a contemporary style as we sing old time hymns of the faith, new hymns of the faith, and modern praise and worship songs that bring honor and glory to our God.  We gather together around the Bible as it’s preached and taught with the goal of life change so that we might live out our faith in a way that shows compassion, lives out love, and seeks holiness in all that we do.  

Relationships are another way we encourage one another to grow in our relationship with Jesus.  Through singing and bible study, we rejoice with one another, weep with one another, encourage one another, and challenge one another to walk in a manner that reflects the calling to which God has called us.


Lastly, we hope you’ll find us to be a group of people that through faith in Jesus Christ have become a large, loving family.  We strive for this to be on display from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.  We’re so excited to have you as our guest.  We’ll have coffee on, we can’t wait to meet you!