sunday school

We have Sunday School classes for all ages at FBC Kouts.  We believe that the church's mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:19-20).  One of our strategies for making disciples is Sunday School.  In our classes we use doctrinally sound, age appropriate material to expose unbelievers to the gospel and to teach biblical truth to believers. Our children's material is most frequently from Regular Baptist Press.

There are two adult classes for men and women combined, and one women's class.  

Attending Sunday School provides you with opportunities to: be challenged from God's Word; build new and stronger relationships with others in the class; share prayer requests and pray for others; and provide and receive encouragement and biblical accountability in the Christian life.

There is opportunity for Christian fellowship in Sunday School that is not possible in a Sunday morning worship service.  Both are important for your relationship with God.  We would love to see you at both!  If you have more questions please contact the church office by phone or e-mail.