Our Mission and values:

Our mission here at FBC is "To do our part in making growing followers of Jesus Christ everywhere we go!"

Our core values are what guides how we do ministry and life:

Biblical Truth

Biblical truth is God's revealing of Himself and His plan through His Word so that we can live a life that pleases Him.

God's Word is more valuable than any earthly treasure we could have, because it's God communicating to us about Himself, who He is, what He's done, is doing, and will do for His glory and our good. We value Biblical Truth because by doing so we can accomplish our aim in life, to worship and please Him.


We value prayer as it's our heart-to-heart communication with our sovereign God.

Without prayer our communication with our Heavenly Father is only one-way, which leads to a poor relationship with Him. It's what reveals our hearts to ourselves (God already knows what is happening inside us) and enables us to align our will with His.


Godliness is when we center our lives in our relationship with the God of the Bible.

This starts with a saving knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ but is also an on-going process as we train ourselves. For godliness to be accomplished practically, it takes all of us (ourselves, God, and those around me who seek to encourage us on our path). Our goal is godliness for ourselves and each other as we live to please Him.


Leadership is using our lives through our relationships to influence others towards God-given goals and growth.

Leadership is important because it's integral to the mission (to make growing followers of Jesus) and the great commandments (to love God and love others) God Himself has given us. We seek to influence others towards godliness in character and serving through love in action.


Outreach is when we cooperate with God in reaching our own world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We value outreach because it's God's idea! He intends for us to reach the whole world for Jesus Christ, and that world starts in our own backyards. We do so through love in action as we share the hope of the Gospel in word and deed. Both are integral to the Gospel being shared.


Relationship means serving in love the people around me.

We value relationships because they are integral in everything we do. They're foundational in our Outreach, in how we lead people, in sharing God's Word together, in prayer to our Heavenly Father, in encouraging each other on to godliness, and even in stewardship as we seek to use even our relationships for God's purposes.


Stewardship is responsible management of my God-given resources for God-ordered purposes.

Stewardship is important to us because we realize when God saves us He actually purchases us and all that goes with it. That includes all of our resources; time, money, relationships, abilities and skills, our personality, our circumstances, even our history. God redeems all of these things that make us "us" to be used for His purposes first and foremost.


We define worship as giving glory to God by giving Him our very best as we serve through Christ-like obedience.

We highly value Worship because it give us the aim behind everything we do at FBC. We seek to do all we can to point to God and His greatness (give Him glory) by serving Him. "Good enough" is a mindset we seek to never settle for as we realize everything we do as followers of Christ reflects on Him, and He wasn't just "good enough". Giving Him our very best involves obeying Christ both in deed and attitude to give glory to Him.